Leisure and Community Assets for the Future

There are several existing leisure and community buildings and spaces in the villages. These include:

  • The Reading Rooms (building and recreation ground) – owned and run by the Reading Rooms Charity, and hosting Cricket, Scouts and a play area.
  • The Church
  • The village pond
  • The Allotments and surrounding recreation field
  • The Cemetery and Glebe field
  • Car Parks at the Allotments and the Cemetery

The first two of these spaces are managed independently, although often with close coordination. Whilst the Council cannot directly affect their operation, we would like to understand how they can be supported to benefit the village and help foster a sense of community.

The Council would also like to understand if there are other types of leisure and community assets (places / spaces) which could be provided and why you think these would benefit the villages. Similarly, we would like to know if there are any types of assets (places / spaces) that you would prefer not to be provided in Curbridge and Curdridge.

Questions for Discussion:

  • What type of leisure and community assets do you think are important for the success of the village? Why do you think it helps the village?
  • What sort of events should the leisure and community assets offer?
  • Where should the leisure and community assets be located?
  • How could the existing community assets engage with villagers to promote a stronger sense of “neighbourhood”?
  • Are there any types of assets (places / spaces) which you think are less appropriate for the village, and why?