Sustainable Housing Needs and Design

Sustainable development is about identifying the types of homes which help the villages to thrive - to grow sustainably without losing the rural nature of the village, while giving those who want to live in the village the opportunity to do so. It is also about providing homes that will be fit for the future and respond to the needs of a changing climate. Therefore, the Council would like to understand the type of residential development that could be supported to help the villages to thrive and grow in way which is desired by the parishioners.

A sustainable village is built upon a sense of community and engagement from those who live in it; this needs a range of ages, which can also support the village assets and events and contribute to village life.

Whilst there are numerous housing developments being built in the adjacent areas, could Curdridge and Curbridge benefit from a few additional homes, such as those which are targeted at local residents, affordable family homes, starter homes, low-cost homes or energy efficient homes?

Questions for Discussion:

  • What type of housing is needed in the villages (size, tenure)? Why do you think this?
  • Where do you think it is more appropriate to locate new homes?
  • Should sustainable homes (for example low energy) be supported in the village and how?
  • What type of developments could be supported in the village, such as bespoke homes, homes that prioritise local housing need, larger housing estates, energy efficient homes, car free development, affordable homes? Please explain why you support this type of development?