Transport Links, Vehicles & Footpaths:
Connectivity Across the Village and Safety

We would like to support improvements in pedestrian movement across the villages and enable safe cycling and walking, particularly for those with additional mobility needs and prams and buggies. We would like to understand the key places in the village that parishioners would like to access.

As a rural location, we recognise that vehicles will be required for the foreseeable future. We would like to understand any concerns about traffic speeds and the increasing volume of traffic passing through the villages.

We would like to know how the Council can encourage improvements in the public transport network and where are the places that parishioners are keen to access. We would also like to know if you think Curdridge and Curbridge could be more integrated or should they have a separation, in their plans for the future as well as physically?

Finally, we also want to understand how parishioners want the villages to be promoted and seen, both by those who live in the villages and those who visit. Can you describe the values that apply to the villages, and how these should be reflected in future plans?

Questions for Discussion:

  • What are the key challenges for improving pedestrian movement across in the village and linking to the green open spaces and community assets?
  • How could the village better manage the impact of through traffic?
  • What public transport links could be improved and where to?
  • How could you feel safer in the village?
  • What makes you feel unsafe in the village?
  • How should the identity of Curbridge and Curdridge be promoted?