Supporting Business and Employment Opportunities

Curbridge and Curdridge have a number of businesses providing local employment opportunities, which can reduce the need for travel. In addition, following COVID, working practices have been changed and many people are now hybrid-working, splitting time between their workplace and home.

In order to support employment, how can the Council assist with those who want to work from home and those who want to start a business locally?

The villages do not have a shop (other than the BP garage) - is this something that could be part of the future for the village if it had enough support? Would any other types of business use, such as offices, be supported. In nearby villages there are examples where limited office development has been undertaken along with small scale housing to provide a mixed-use development. Is this something which can be supported to offer local employment opportunities?

The Council would also like to understand what types of business and commercial uses are not desirable in the villages, and why they should be avoided.

Questions for Discussion:

  • With more people working from home, what is needed for better communications and connectivity (for example internet)?
  • What types of business should be encouraged in the villages? What type of business buildings could be supported, such as offices or retail or a village shop?
  • How could businesses be encouraged to interact with the village and parishioners more closely?
  • What types of business should we avoid in the village? Why are they detrimental?